Thursday, April 02, 2009

Easter Prayer Vigil

This year at New Season we are doing an Easter Prayer Vigil.

Here is the deal. We will be praying starting Saturday evening beginning at 7PM until Sunday morning at 7AM as we prepare to mark how Jesus' kicked the snot out of death and the devil and was raised from the dead.

We are asking people to sign up for a one hour time slot. You will be asked to pray for half an hour and then just be present for a half hour to either continue praying if you wish, read, or gaze at your belly button lint. We will have two people at all times for safety sake (one of which may or may not have a concealed weapons permit). While you are praying someone else will be present and while they pray you will just be present. We will provide a prayer guide to help guide your prayers.

Eastland UMC on Courthouse Road has graciously opened their worship space to us to hold the Easter Prayer Vigil. To sign up for a time, please go here.

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