Monday, February 11, 2008

Almost Killed by Mike Huckabee and a Tree

Yesterday was a frightful day for me as I saw my lie flash before my eyes twice after Sunday morning worship. Both incidents came about because of the 50-60 mph wind gusts we experienced.

The first time was when I was getting out of my truck to retrieve one of the New Season directional signs and a Mike Huckabee sign that was near our sign flew off of its stake and sped past my head at an amazingly high speed just missing me!! It could have caused significant damage.

The second incident occured as I was on my way home from lunch after church. There on the road before my house I watched in slow motion as we a sizable tree fell before my truck blocking the road. Ten more seconds and it would have fell on my truck.

I guess I used up two of my nine lives yesterday!

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