Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Just Eating the Frosting

My three boys love cupcakes! When they eat cupcakes they really do not eat the cupcakes. They really only lick the frosting off. I always tell them they are missing out because the cake part is pretty good too! They don't listen, they continue to eat just the frosting.

This makes me think of my own journey of faith and how sometimes when it comes to receiving all the love, mercy, forgiveness and relationship God offers me in Jesus Christ I sometimes only eat the frosting and not the cake.

I only eat the frosting and forget enjoy the cake and miss out on God's grace when...
  • I do not spend daily time with him in prayer and in his word.
  • I do not seek to see the lesson and the truths he is trying to convey in difficulties and suffering.
  • I do not stop long enough to appreciate and give thanks for the little things (that are sometimes really big things)- a healthy family, the colors of fall, a great church, etc.
  • I am too busy to gather with other Jesus followers and miss the community he created me for.
  • I neglect to live in the moment and see his grace in the moment and am too busy thinking of what lies ahead.
  • I find it easier to engage in transactional mission and witness and send money instead of building relationships with the poor and those far from God.
  • I do not take time to worship apart from leading worship on Sunday morning.
  • I do not invite him to invade and rule over every aspect of my life.
There is so much God's love has to offer that can be experienced if it is possible to move from just eating the frosting.

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