Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Message Series- How Could God Allow Suffering and Evil?

We are beginning brand new series of messages tomorrow at New Season.

Have you ever wondered why God allows bad things to happen? If God is so loving then why doesn’t he just make things good all the time? Come and explore biblical answers to these questions at New Season Church during the upcoming message series “How Could God Allow Suffering and Evil.”

Please join us for worship at 10:30AM on Sundays at the Four Mile Fork Shopping Center (next to Hard Times). Come as you are to discover why there is suffering and evil in our world.

Invite a friend, relative, co-worker or neighbor to this message series by clicking here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Church Planting and Revitalization Breakfast

I am working on putting together the Church Planting and Revitalization Breakfast at Annual Conference this year. The breakfast is coming together and we are lining up some great speakers again this year. Please find he details below. You can register here.

The Church Planting and Revitalization Breakfast at Annual Conference sponsored by the Church Development Team and Office of Church Development will be Tuesday, June 15, 7 a.m., at the Marriott Waterside. The cost this year is $15.45 and is inclusive. The Church Planting and Revitalization Breakfast is an annual event held at Annual Conference. The breakfast is held to celebrate the ministry of church planting and revitalization across the Virginia Conference. There will be speakers who will talk briefly about works they are currently engaged in by either planting or revitalizing churches. The breakfast is open to all clergy and laity and children are welcome. If you want to hear some dynamic speakers and be inspired by how Christ is working in the Virginia Conference as we seek to begin new faith communities and revitalize existing faith communities, then this breakfast is for you.

The breakfast will include scrambled eggs, skillet potatoes, country bacon, breakfast breads, orange juice, and coffee or tea.

Registration and payment this year is being handled online through the Conference website. Please follow this link.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plastectomy UPDATE!

This past Sunday a number of people took their credit cards and credit card solicitations and we enjoyed some plastic surgery in the midst of our worship time as we held our plastectomy as part of the Life, Money Hope message series. Each credit card cut and each solicitation shred was a statement of faith that:

All we have comes from God.
God is our provider.
We will have one Lord- and it is not debt.
We will trust God!

So good bye American Distress, Master Fraud, and Discover Bondage and all the other store cards and hello to freedom in Christ as we begin and continue this journey. I am so proud of the people of New Season Church!! Way to Go!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Financial Peace University Coming to New Season Church

I am excited to announce that New Season Church will be hosting Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University Class beginning June 16th at 7PM at New Season Church.

If you...
  • are sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to your finances
  • have had a student loan so long you have given it a name like a pet
  • want to be done with Master Fraud, Discover Bondage and American Distress
  • want to learn biblical principles for managing God's resources
  • want to learn how you can do the most fun thing of all with money- give it away

Sign up for Financial Peace University today. It will change your life. You can sign up here.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

100 Holes of Golf- Oh My!

On Monday May 24th I will be playing 100 holes of golf to raise funds for Westview on the James, a camp ministry sponsored by the Ashland District of the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church. That's right 100 holes!! For those who have been with me to play 18 holes you know this will be an adventure. I bought a bunch of X out balls the other day for all the balls I will lose because I won't have time to go look for them.

If you desire, you can sponsor me per hole. Example: if you sponsor me 25 cents per hole you would give $25 if I finished all 100 holes. Please use this form to make a pledge. Collection will take place after the golf is played.

You can learn more about Westview on the James here and the awesome things that go on there.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

When Can a Miracle be a Miracle?

Some time ago I was at a meeting and someone mentioned the feeding of the 5,000 by Jesus where he multiplied loaves and fishes and there were still a bunch of leftovers. This follower of Jesus mentioned that they preferred to view this event as miraculous because what probably happened was that the people just shared their food. Implicitly, I guess this person was saying that Jesus did not multiply the loaves and fishes.

I wonder why some of us as followers of Jesus just have a hard time accepting that Jesus (God with us), the one through whom all things were created, the one raised from the dead, the only Son of God, the Messiah, the leper cleanser, blind man healer of Galilee can perform miracles? Why is it so hard? Good grief!

Call me a rube, or maybe I did not go to seminary long enough and become sophisticated enough, but if Jesus was who he said he was, if the Bible can be taken with any certainty, then why can't we say that Jesus took some bread and fish and multiplied it to feed five thousand plus? Or, that God parted the Red Sea or any other miracle.

I for one am glad that we can move from the "modern" skepticism of the power of the divine and accept the mystery of God's power and resulting grace.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plastectomy at New Season Church

On Sunday May 23rd we will be having a plastectomy at New Season Church. No- no one will have any work done on their nose and there won't be any bodily enhancements but what we will do is perform plastic surgery of another kind.

As an affirmation of faith in a God who provides and whose word says "the borrower is slave to the lender" we will be cutting up credit cards during our worship celebration experience. As we cut the card we will be saying that we only want to serve one Master and it is not Master Card but our Master, Savior, and Lord Jesus Christ.
Also, bring your credit card solicitations too and we will put them through the shredder!

I am excited for some plastic surgery at New Season on May 23rd!! We'll provide the scissors.