Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday of Service

This Saturday is the Saturday of Service at New Season Church. In this season of sacrifice and preparation known as Lent we are preparing for new life in Christ through prayer, fasting, worship and SERVICE at New Season Church. While we strive to demonstrate a lifestyle of service we will be having a time of focused service this Saturday, March 20th. There are a variety of projects to get involved in. If you haven't signed up yet, then go here and do so.

The projects include:
  • Helping to plant a summer garden at the Thurman Brisbane Homeless Shelter.
  • Assisting Eastland UMC with their Angel Food Ministry.
  • SPCA Un Birthday Party (Youth and Children's project).
  • Volunteer at the New Season Thrift Store

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wild Goose Wrap- Up

A couple of Sundays ago we finished the Wild Goose Chase Series here at New Season Church. Here is the audio for most of the messages. Remember you can always access the audio and text of messages from the "Message" page of our website and you can subscribe to receive the audio via Apple ITunes here.

Cage of Responsibility

Cage of Failure

Cage of Assumptions

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Craig Groeschel- Suggestions for my United Methodist Friends

Craig Groeschel, a former United Methodist pastor, and lead pastor at Life Church in Oklahoma was recently asked by a United Methodist leader to give some suggestions for the United Methodist Church. He has done so on his blog. You can find links to the posts below.

In addition to being a dynamic, effective, and thriving church, Life Church, is in my opinion one of the most generous churches in Christendom. Here are Craig's suggestions:

Part 1 On Rethink Church
Part 2 On the Itinerant System
Part 3 On Young Leaders and the Ordination Process
Part 4 On Apportionments
Part 5 On Merging Churches
Part 6 On Parting Ways

You can agree or disagree with Craig's suggestions but they are food for thought! Enjoy!